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Employees are given enough training to do their tasks safely.

There are procedures to follow in the event of an emergency in my work area.

Managers often discuss safety issues with employees.

Everyone is given sufficient opportunity to make suggestions regarding safety issues.

Managers are aware of the main safety problems in the workplace.

All new employees are provided with sufficient safety training before commencing work.

Employees follow safety rules almost all of the time.

Safety at World Airways is better than similar companies.

Any defects or hazards that are reported to the safety department are rectified promptly.

There are mechanisms in place in my work area for me to report safety deficiencies.

After an incident has occurred, appropriate actions are usually taken to reduce the chance of reoccurence.

You are given sufficient information regarding World's safety performance.

Managers regard safety to be a very important part of all work activities.

Employees usually report any dangerous work practices they see.

Safety is among the top priorities at World Airways.

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